Canntab Receives Initial Indication of Patentability for Immediate Release Cannabidiol Formulation

TORONTO, July 31st, 2019/ – Canntab Therapeutics Limited (CSE:PILL.CN) (OTCQX:CTABF) (FRA:TBF1.F) (the “Company” or “Canntab“), the leading innovator in cannabinoid and terpene blends in hard pill form for therapeutic application, is pleased to announce that it has received an initial assessment from the Geneva-based International Preliminary Report on Patentability (“IPRP”) for its Immediate Release Cannabidiol Formulation (the “Immediate Release Formulation”). The IPRP has indicated a positive finding of patentability, meaning that, in their opinion, Canntab’s formulation is not only patentable but also novel, non-obvious and useful. National filings have already been completed in the United States and internationally, and the international application has now been completed in Canada and Australia.

Although the opinions of the IPRP are not binding, many patent offices, including Canada’s for example, often defer to the IPRP. In fact, the Canadian office of the IPRP was also the international searching authority in this particular case, which bodes well for an eventual Canadian patent grant.
“This is a first and an important indication that our Immediate Release Cannabidiol Formulation is unique and patentable. It is our intention to build on this success as we continue to seek additional patents in Canada, United States and internationally. Our extensive portfolio of proprietary hard tablets is our core value proposition and we believe that we are well positioned to be the dominant player in hard tablet cannabinoid formulations world-wide,” states Jeff Renwick, co-founder and CEO of Canntab.
Canntab’s Extensive IP Portfolio – At the Core of Our Value Proposition
Canntab is a drug pharmaceutical company that has successfully created a line of patent-pending precision oral delivery hard tablets. Canntab’s proprietary technology and know-how enables it to convert THC and CBD oil into a nano-emulsified granulation, and ultimately into a hard pill format.
Canntab has filed 13 patents in Canada and United States that cover a range of processes and formulations it needs to create its precision oral delivery hard tablets, the future of medical cannabis. These patents include Canntab’s proprietary nano-emulsification technology, granulation process, methods of manufacturing, and covers it’s full line of precision oral delivery hard tablets including; Instant (Immediate) Release Tablets, Extended Release Tablets, Sustained Release Tablets, Bi-Layered (Modified Release) Tablets and Flash Melt Formulations.
As a late stage applicant to be a non-growing Licensed Producer and Processor, Canntab will be able to leverage its growing IP portfolio at its completed manufacturing facilities in both Markham and Cobourg.