FSD Pharma Enters into Five Year Supply and Loan Agreement with Canntab Therapeutics and World Class Extractions on Organic Hemp Deal

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FSD Pharma Inc. (CSE: HUGE) (OTCQB: FSDDF) (FRA: 0K9) (“FSD” or the “Company”), a licensed producer under the Cannabis Act, announced today that it has entered into a supply and loan agreement (the “Agreement”) with Canntab Therapeutics Ltd. (“Canntab”) and World Class Extractions Inc. (“World Class”) (collectively, the “Purchasers”) to purchase hemp flower from Thomas Elcome (the “Supplier”). Pursuant to the Agreement, the Supplier grants the Purchasers the right and option to purchase up to CAD$ 5.0 million of the Supplier’s hemp crop for a period of 5 years commencing in 2019 at a purchase price of CAD$ 100.0 per kg per 1% of CBD extracted from the flower.

On February 12, 2019, FSD announced that the Company had entered into a three-way supply agreement with Canntab, World Class and the Supplier to purchase up to 1,000 kg of the Supplier’s 2018 organic hemp crop. As with the 2018 hemp crop purchase, the Purchasers intend to extract CBD oil from the 2019-2024 organic hemp crops and process the oil into gel capsules and tablets at the FSD facility in Cobourg, Ontario. The anticipated purchase price for the 2019 crop is CAD$ 1.0 million plus applicable taxes. Of this amount, CAD$ 500,000 will be paid by the Purchasers as a loan to the Supplier in the form of equipment, to be paid back in the form of hemp.

“We intend to take full advantage of the option to purchase up to the maximum total value of organic hemp from Mr. Elcome over the next 5 years beginning with the purchase of CAD $1.0 million of organic hemp in 2019. The hemp industry is expanding at an incredible rate and is expected to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry in North America,” said Dr. Raza Bokhari, Executive Co-chairman & Interim CEO. “Our processing license, received last week, allows FSD to work with Canntab and World Class to process the hemp product into CBD oil, a significant saleable product that can be converted into gel capsules and tablets. Once the edibles legislation is in place later this year in Canada, as we anticipate, FSD will be ready to process and supply the market.”

“On February 19th, Canntab announced that we had begun to convert our interim facilities located within the FSD facility in Cobourg. This latest supply agreement will provide us with a significant amount of CBD oil over the next 5 years, which is required to manufacture our extensive suite of products for sale upon approval by Health Canada. This will include Canntab’s bi-layered hard pill consisting of both instant and extended release to be used in clinical trials to be conducted by Dr. Garbuz, subject to approval by the University of British Columbia Research Ethics Board,” stated Mr. Jeffrey Renwick, Chief Executive Officer of Canntab.

Michael McCombie, CEO of World Class, added, “This is yet another important supply agreement for World Class as it provides us with several years of raw hemp supply that we intend to process into CBD enriched oil and extracts at the FSD Facility. World Class’ continuous flow proprietary extraction technology is perfectly suited to process large scale hemp harvests into full spectrum oil and CBD. World Class is preparing for the next stage of growth for our company as we await approval for our CSE listing. We will have our equipment in place and expect to be processing alongside FSD and Canntab in the coming few months.”

“This supply and loan agreement signed with FSD, Canntab and World Class extends our relationship over several years. The team at our company look forward to providing the highest-quality hemp to meet the needs of our partners in this venture,” said Mr. Thomas Elcome, President of 10975443 Canada Inc.