RYAH brings its Dose Measuring Vaporizer to Oklahoma with The Peak Dispensary

NEW YORK, March 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ryah Medtech, Inc. (“RYAH”), a wholly owned subsidiary of PotBotics Inc. (“PotBotics”), proudly announced today that it will be bringing its unique dose-measuring medicinal vaporizer to Oklahoma patients, in partnership with The Peak Dispensary’s statewide network of establishments.

Focused on the global medical cannabis market, RYAH creates smart devices to personalize medication specific to an individual’s needs, and operates an artificial intelligence platform that gathers insightful data on cannabis from seed to consumption.

The Peak Dispensary dedicates itself to providing a premium CBD and Medical Marijuana dispensary experience in Oklahoma. Its goal is to assist patients in finding the cannabis products they need to help supplement or treat their doctor-recommended symptoms. Their products and services operate within Oklahoma law and are focused on helping patients reach their personal height of wellbeing.

This the second US market RYAH will enter, and the first medical-only state to carry RYAH’s state-of-the-art vaporizer.

“We’re extremely pleased to see RYAH entering the Oklahoma market hand in hand with such a prestigious and respected player in the medical cannabis field as The Peak Dispensary, declared Potbotics CEO, David Goldstein. He went on to say: “This exciting partnership will ensure Oklahoma medical patients can access our groundbreaking RYAH vaporizer and enable them to create a controlled medication regimen for themselves”.

For his part, The Peak Dispensary CEO Corbin Wyatt explained that “Peak Dispensary’s partnership with RYAH will put their devices in our 9 establishments throughout the state, contributing to The Peak’s ongoing promise of bringing a no-compromise medical marijuana product offering to Oklahoma patients. Because it enables patients to properly create a cannabis dosing regimen, the RYAH vaporizer clearly contributes to our long-standing goal of ensuring that Oklahoma patients are provided with an unrivaled experience, be it from a product or from a service perspective.”

Noting that “RYAH utilizes disposable medical grade and QR embedded cartridges to ensure consistent and transparent tracking of strains from seed to consumption, Goldstein added that “RYAH will be coming into the market with an array of different cartridges targeted towards the medical and wellness market”.

Oklahoma is the second State where patients can access the RYAH dose-measuring vaporizer: the company is currently finalizing launches in several other States.