Tinley Retains Critical Mass Group for Sales and Operations and Provides Operational Update

The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. (the “Company” or “Tinley“) (CSE:TNY)(CSE:TNY.CN)(OTC PINK:QRSRF) is pleased to announce it has retained Critical Mass Group to grow Tinley’s sales, and manufacturing functions.

Critical Mass is a partnership of proven beverage industry experts, each with a specific area of expertise that complements the others. They have a proven track record of helping growing beverage companies maximize their chance of success and achieve profitability in this highly competitive industry by optimizing supply chain management, marketing and sales/distribution. Current and past experience includes working with Arya Curcumin+, WTRMLN WTR, Invigorade Endurance Drink, Essentia, Goldthread Herbal Tonics, Bruce Lee Tea, Hydration, Tossware, Space Jam, Owl’s Brew, Flavor Infusion, Niagara Bottling, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Heinz and Soylent.

Operational Highlights

Critical Mass will provide the scale and expertise needed to manage the Company’s growing operations for its cannabis and hemp CBD beverages. Key developments include:

  • The Company’s previously-announced bottling run will be 100,000 units, comprised of its new lemon-lime flavor as well as its two existing flavors
  • The Company expects to place a purchase order for its CBD coffee creamer and is proceeding with its previously-announced CBD energy shot
  • The Company is working to release its Tinley ’27 cannabis drinks by the April 20 (“420”) weekend, and is endeavoring to complete batches for delivery to dispensaries prior to this launch
  • The Company has secured multiple sources of THC to ensure redundancy and quality
  • The 25-store trial with a major convenience store, announced on December 5, 2016, has successfully concluded, and an additional distributor has purchased half a pallet to supply the majority of these stores for continued sales
  • In just its second quarter of product availability, the Company has listed its products in premier stores including Bristol Farms (all 10 stores), Erewhon (all 3 stores), Sprouts (Chula Vista and Eastlake), GNC’s LuckyVitamin.com and several convenience stores and dispensaries totalling approximately 100 stores; LA Distributing Company and the Company’s sales force has now expanded and is working to place in additional independent stores and national accounts
  • Significant press continues to emerge detailing the increasing shift by consumers from alcohol to cannabis, which supports the Company’s strategy of creating alcohol-free, cannabis-infused versions of popular alcoholic beverages
  • The Company’s year-end financials due April 28; the Company does not require financing at this time

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