Vanadium One Energy Corp. has appointed Patrick D. O’Brien, ICDD, MIoD, a certified corporate director, to the newly created position, director of corporate development. Mr. O’Brien will also retain his seat on the Company’s Board of Directors.

Pat O’Brien is a highly skilled corporate strategist with 30 years experience, a seasoned professional manager and marketer, who is a master at negotiation. Excellent analytical skills and a sharp financial perspective have given Mr. O’Brien the ability to screen and identify promising geological targets of excellent potential over his many years in the junior mining industry.

Although not a trained geologist, Mr. O’Brien understands exploration and mining concepts very well and can assess situations and opportunities quickly and with clarity, giving him the ability to couple the right business ideals with prime projects. During his time as CEO of VanadiumCorp (PacificOre Mining, Apella Resources and Novawest Resources), Pat, along with three carefully chosen geoscientists, strategized, staked, fought for, and acquired the world renowned Fe-V-Ti asset package that now sits with them. Pat has proven to be a fierce competitor over the past 30 years in the industry and he does not believe in shortcuts. His success has been built on hard work, honesty and integrity.

Mr. O’Brien comments, “John and his team at Vanadium One have an excellent game plan. I will focus on cranking up the intensity at Vanadium One Energy as I have in the past at other companies. Respect for our team’s hard work will, without doubt, attract the best talent and best opportunities – it always does.” Mr. O’Brien went on to note; “Vanadium One’s Mont Sorcier Project, aka the Mag Bay Project, is a large tonnage asset. When we acquired a large portion of Mont Sorcier as one of the primary Fe-V-Ti foundation assets for VanadiumCorp during my tenure as VanadiumCorp’s CEO we felt Mont Sorcier had enormous potential, enough to be a company maker. It’s amazing it is now in our hands at Vanadium One Energy as a primary asset to explore and develop – how fortunate for our stakeholders!”

John Priestner, CEO of Vanadium One Energy, commented, “I look forward to having Pat’s dynamics within our ranks. We welcome Pat O’Brien as Director of Corporate Development. Pat is well recognized as a leader in the Vanadium industry and the junior mining sector alike. We look forward to the benefits of his experience, expertise, contacts and energy as the Company moves forward.”

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