World Class Extractions Awarded U.S. Patent for Solvent Based Extraction Methods

March 17, 2021

World-Class Extractions Inc. (CSE:PUMP) (FRA:WCF) (OTCQB:WCEXF) (the “Company” or “World-Class“) is pleased to announce the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO“) has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,946,306 on March 16, 2021 in relation to the Company’s methods for the systematic extraction and concentration of cannabinoids and other target compounds via solvent extraction from large scale harvests of cannabis and hemp crops. This is World-Class’ second issued U.S. patent.

World-Class’ patented plant processing technology allows for the solvent-based extraction of cannabinoids from virtually all types of cannabis plant materials, including hemp, derived from large-scale commercial farming operations. World-Class’ patent process minimizes energy consumption, conserves the volume of solvent utilized in the extraction process, and maximizes the quantity of cannabinoids sought to be extracted on a large-scale, commercial basis, than other known cannabinoid extraction techniques.

World-Class believes that these patented methods will be exceptionally effective for use in future applications where annually harvested cannabis and hemp plant material will be produced as a bulk commodity, as future growth forecasts indicate. This patent continues to supplement World-Class’ goal to achieve the most sustainable, efficient, and economical method of large-scale commercial production of cannabis plant material.

Provisions of the patent cover several broad steps throughout the extraction process ranging from: harvesting, drying, pre-chopping, classification and decortication, grinding, pelletizing, and crumbling/powderization in preparation for extraction via a series of inverting filter centrifugation steps. In addition, if required, the patent also contemplates long-term preservation and storage after pelletizing. Advantageously, the methods of the patent are ideally suited for treating and extracting large volumes of cannabis plant material at the time of harvest but also can be deployed to produce cannabinoid-rich extracts from stored plant material regardless of the growing season depending on commercial demand.

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