Cannabis Just Got Smarter: RYAH Group Granted Patent to use Artificial Intelligence for Medical Cannabis Big Data Processing

NEW YORK, July 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RYAH Group (“RYAH” or the “Company”), an A.I., big data and IoT device company focused on plant-based medicine dosing and analytics, today announced that it was granted a patent to utilize artificial intelligence for the analysis of medical cannabis data.

With U.S. Patent # 10,296,714, “Method and system for medical cannabinoid treatment and product selection,” RYAH’s big data platform will now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better identify and understand correlations between plant strains and medical indications. RYAH is currently processing 37 medical indications across medical databases and clinical trials. Additionally, information collected from RYAH’s dose-measuring devices is stored in RYAH’s HIPAA compliant database and processed using A.I. to produce fact-based decisions. Medical professionals, marketers, dispensaries, and other medical cannabis stakeholders will be able employ this database for research purposes, as it will feature anonymous, real-time patients’ feedback and accurate data.

“This patent is another step in our long-term strategy to be a market leader in creating a beneficial, predictive, enterprise data analytics solution in the medical plant industry,” stated Gregory Wagner, CEO of RYAH. “We expect this patent to further validate our expanding IoT product suite and open future medical and business opportunities that allow professionals to make informed decisions from real time strain-related usage data. This patent ultimately confirms our dedication in using artificial intelligence and big data to potentially change lives”

Research suggests that the prescription / recommendation process for medical cannabis and related products needs to be more efficient and more informative. RYAH’s data platform will use the latest technology, including AI, to streamline recommendation and prescription decision making process for both medical professionals and consumers. It is believed that the database will become an attractive feature for a wide range of potential partners and collaborators, especially since the cannabis market is shifting to data driven decision making. RYAH also has plans to expand to use its AI, big-data platform and IoT solutions into the growing nutraceutical market.